• Swiggies Wrist Water Bottles

    Swiggies Wrist Water Bottles

    Swiggies is the new water bottle for the 21st Century. Drink and hydrate any time, anywhere, with a green product. It is the first totally hands-free bottle, contoured to strap onto your wrist and comfortable to wear over clothing.

    Swiggies has been approved by Child Safe International as a safe, GREEN, BPA-free product. Each cleverly designed Swiggies holds 200ml (150ml for children) of water or drink of your choice.

    Swiggies was originally developed for runners. Now it is used for every activity its convenience has no boundaries.

    Swiggies have many uses including…

    Training, competing and warming up for all types of sports
    Work, school, university, etc.
    When in hospital, incapacitated, injured or disabled

    To summarise, wherever and whenever you require a drink and don't want to carry a water bottle, Swiggies is the perfect - and the only enviromentally-friendly - solution.

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